How to do battles in Dragon Mania Legends

First of all, this game is amazing. I love getting resources, I love leveling up my dragons but, most of all, I love battling other players with my dragons. Today, we are going to see some of the strategies that I use in the battles in order to win.

Picking the right dragon is crucial. You should always have a few high-level dragons so you can make sure that you can defeat your enemy. In order to have them, you should level one or two dragons often so you will have the advantage. Use them with a small level dragon and your enemy will think that you are giving, hence giving you the advantage that you need.

Practice is the key. And by practice, I mean that you should practice hitting those critical attacks. Critical attack counts as double damage and you should use it when you can. They can be hard to hit, but with some practice, you will be hitting them often.

Types of dragons

You already know that your dragons have specific abilities. Try to combine as many as you can as that will help you when you are attacked with different attacks so you can block at least some damage. If your opponent has fire dragons, use the water dragon in order to negate some damage. You should try to maximize your damage when attacking so keep in mind what type of dragons the other side has. Click here to see a full list of  strengths and weaknesses of dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends Strength and weaknesses chart

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