Clans in Dragon Mania Legends

This has been a long time coming, but in the end, they did enable that feature for us and it’s really nice of them to do that. Let’s more about the clans – how to join one, how to create one and what are the benefits.

Why join/create a clan?

I’ve been a lone wolf for a long time and I like not to depend on other people when it comes to most stuff, but joining a clan is a good thing in Dragon Mania Legends. You can fight in clan wars with your entire clan and have the most amazing battles yet. Another good thing is that you can actually make more coins! You can make 1000 clan coins per day if you complete the clan quests. Clan quests are some tasks that you will need to complete and when you are done, you will be rewarded with coins.

These quests are not that hard as they are something like breeding a few dragons, collecting a certain amount of resources or exploring a new place. Just do that and you will start getting clan coins for your hard work. You will get coins, but you will also get experience for doing so which will make it easier for you to rank up.

How do I join a clan?

That is pretty easy, but in order to join a clan, you will need to be at least level 25. This is a rule that I think is great because if you are going to join a clan with lots of people and fight in clan wars, you need at least some experience. Once in the game, you can press the button “Clan search” and there you will be able to find a clan that you want. You can sort the clans and preview how many members they have and what level are the players inside so you can choose the best one that fits your needs and skill. After you found the clan that you want to join, just press on the button “Quick join” and that is it.

How do I create a clan?

Now, creating a clan will cost you, I must warn you and it will cost you quite the amount, 1 500 000 (one million and five hundred thousand) coins. Yes, that is right (you can use our tool to generate coins). It is pricey, but that is to keep the clan serious and people will actually have to commit to creating something good. You will see a clan icon and a little plus on the icon, press it and you will be guided through the process. You can choose the clan emblem or crest and you can even choose the language (this is a great feature for some local clans among your friend). That is pretty much it for creating a clan. Give it a good name and start inviting your friends.

Some final words

Getting in a clan is great if you wish to play together with some people and unlock some extra rewards. If you are very serious about your game, you can start your own clan. It will cost you, but you will run things within the clan and you will decide what is best for your clan. Either way, it’s a great feature that you should use.

If you want to know even more details head over to the wiki and read more!

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